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Chief of Police David Hayes will be leaving the Louisville Police Department after serving the community for eight years.

Hayes has been the chief of police since 2014. Prior to that, he served more than 30 years as a police officer with the Boulder Police Department. Hayes has accepted a position as police chief for Estes Park. His late day will be Nov. 28.

More than 500 homes in Louisville were destroyed during the Marshall Fire. Hayes’ own home was one of those destroyed. As police chief, he had to choose between being a public figure after the fire or prioritizing rebuilding his own home, as he couldn’t do both at the same time.Despite being affected himself, he said that he prioritized helping the community. He put off rebuilding his own house in order to focus on protecting the community and being a leader for law enforcement.

David Hayes served as Louisville's Chief of Police for eight years. Now, he's moving on to take the same role in Estes Park. (Courtesy photo)
David Hayes served as Louisville’s Chief of Police for eight years. Now, he’s moving on to take the same role in Estes Park. (Courtesy photo)

Hayes said he wanted to make sure that those affected by the fire would not be revictimized. He said he did not want voyeurs or people selling the victims products or services too quickly. By limiting access to the destroyed neighborhoods they were able to prevent many burglaries and maintain what was left of the houses.

“What was more important to me, what was more important to my family,” Hayes said during a phone call on Friday, “was ‘let’s make sure the community is stable and safe.’”

He said that now that Louisville is recovering and ready to rebuild, he can turn the focus on himself again.

In 2021, Hayes was awarded the Boulder County District Attorney’s 2021 award for service to victims of domestic violence. He said that the Louisville police department investigates beyond the obvious and officers try to leave things better than they found them. He said officers don’t discriminate against anyone.

“We provide police services to all, period,” Hayes said.

He said he would often follow up with the district attorney’s office on domestic abuse charges. He said that the police department ensures that victims are safe and they can prosecute cases. But Hayes added that he’s hesitant to take too much credit for the award, as it was simply the right thing to do.

Hayes said that at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic he didn’t know how the pandemic would pan out, and he would work up to 15-hour shifts to oversee both day and night shifts. As chief of police, he wanted to lead by example and make sure that his staff knew he was working alongside them.

“It was being present here, being present for the community and being present for our staff,” Hayes said.

Louisville Police Chief David Hayes briefs the media on the latest news about the Louisville area on Jan. 1 in the aftermath of the Marshall Fire. (Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer)
Louisville Police Chief David Hayes briefs the media on the latest news about the Louisville area on Jan. 1 in the aftermath of the Marshall Fire. (Cliff Grassmick/Staff Photographer)

Hayes said that Louisville’s first responders did not stop responding to calls, and Hayes said that no officers were exposed to COVID. He said Louisville officers were able to save six lives with Narcan administrations during the pandemic.

“All hope wasn’t lost, we still had our first responders,” Hayes said.

Hayes said that one of his greatest achievements during his time as Louisville’s chief of police was the ability to reflect and learn from mistakes. He said that the police department and community have a great relationship, and have helped and understood when mistakes were made.

Hayes has lived in Louisville for more than 30 years. He said he loves the city and the community, and that it is a safe and quiet place for him to have raised his two daughters. He said leaving is bittersweet, but he will have have ties to Louisville.

“It’s an opportunity to see what I can learn from Estes Park and what Estes Park can learn from me,” said Hayes, who ran for Boulder County Sheriff earlier this year but lost to Curtis Johnson in the Democratic primary.

Hayes often vacationed in Estes Park as a child, and he was able to take his own children there as well. He said that while he loves Louisville, he also loves Estes Park and that it is a home away from home.

Louisville City Manager Jeff Durbin said Estes Park is lucky to have Hayes.

“He’s really been a tremendous human being in terms of taking care of people,” Durbin said.

Durbin said that he has seen how Hayes speaks to the community and his staff, and said that Hayes is an incredibly compassionate person. Durbin said Hayes worked hard to get the Louisville Police Department accredited under the Colorado Association of Chief of Police. Hayes is now the president of CACP.

Deputy Chief of Police Jeff Fisher will serve as interim police chief until the city finds a replacement. Hayes hired Fisher in late 2014, shortly after he was hired. Hayes said that Fisher is a wonderful man and believes he is well suited for the role.

Hayes said that he hopes he has made a positive impact on the community, work environment and coworkers. And while the answer may not be a “perfect yes,” it’s still a “yes.” He hopes that positive impact continues.


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