Long-ago relationship begets long-lost child


Dear Amy: Thirty years ago, I began a romantic relationship with “Bonnie.” We were both married.

The relationship lasted for 16 years and produced a child (“W”).

Bonnie was very happy that I was W’s father. I was able to visit/play with W as a toddler and had two chance meetings with W as a child.

After 16 years, Bonnie stopped seeing me, but we continued to talk by phone almost daily. We talked for six years, but then Bonnie abruptly stopped.

That was nine years ago.

Besides missing Bonnie, I really miss hearing about W. Bonnie knew I loved children and she did a wonderful job of informing me of W’s life.

I have tried contacting Bonnie, but she has not responded.

Through social media I see that W is doing well and appears to have a good life.

I don’t know if Bonnie ever told W about me, but I imagine it’s a very difficult subject to bring up to your adult child when you’re still married.

W works near where I live, and I would like to introduce myself.

I would much rather have Bonnie introduce me, but she seems to have closed that door.


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