Living with a chronic pain condition: 5 things that may make it easier


Chronic pain is a pain that carries on for prolonged periods despite receiving medication or treatment. It affects millions of people across the globe and can have devastating effects on one’s physical and mental well-being.

If you suffer from a chronic pain condition and are looking for ways that may make it easier, read on. Here are 5 things that could help.

Have you changed your mattress recently?

Chronic pain can severely affect your sleep, so having a comfortable mattress that also offers the correct support for your condition is extremely important. How long have you been sleeping on the same mattress? It is recommended that we change them approximately every ten years so if yours is a lot older than that you may want to go bed shopping! Many companies offer a try before you buy type service, which may be perfect for you if you are not sure which level of firmness will be the most comfortable.

If you struggle with your mobility on top of your ongoing pain, an electric bed might also be worth looking into. They typically come with a reasonably hefty price tag, but you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, so if you can’t afford it, don’t rule it out until you find out whether there are any payment plan options available.

Change your bath

Many people who suffer from chronic pain find that relaxing in a warm bath can help immensely, particularly when their pain is muscular. Unfortunately, getting in and out of the tub can be tremendously sore. If you fall into this category, you might want to consider changing your bath.

Walk-in bathtubs, in particular, are very popular with chronic pain sufferers as they are so easy to access but still provide a good depth. If this is something that you feel might be beneficial for your condition, there are many different styles and models available to suit a range of budgets.

Keep a food diary

In some cases, chronic pain can be made worse by certain foods. Many foods are inflammatory, which can trigger a flare and make the pain unbearable. If you believe there is a pattern or correlation between your pain and your diet, start filling in a food diary each day. It will help you monitor your food intake and identify those which may be causing your illness to worsen.

If you feel that an anti-inflammatory diet could help, then look into eating a whole food plant based diet. It’s one of the healthiest you can eat and can, in some cases, may help to reduce flare-ups.

Smart technology

Smart technology comes in many different forms and can be very helpful to those who struggle to move around a lot due to pain. One of the most popular is a Smart home assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

When connected to compatible devices such as smart plugs, thermostats, and bulbs, it can accomplish various tasks via voice activation. You can control your heating, switch TV channels, turn lights on or off and even turn on your kettle – and all without venturing off the sofa.

Another great product is a Smart doorbell. You can see and talk to anyone visiting your property via a connected smartphone, so if you struggle to get around and need something easy to install and user-friendly, this might be just what you are looking for.

Ask for help

Asking for help is not easy at the best of times, and as a chronic pain sufferer, you may feel that you don’t want to burden others. Although you want to maintain as much independence as possible, the time may come when you have to swallow your pride and ask for help.

If things are getting too much, reach out to a loved one and explain how you feel. Ask them to help with tasks you are struggling with or talk to them to see if they can suggest things that may help make it easier for you. Sharing the burden of what you are going through may not rid you of the pain you are feeling, but it will lighten the load in terms of what you are going through mentally.

Your loved ones will want to help as much as they can, so ask and accept help as often as you feel necessary, and it could make a difference to your overall well-being.