Lewandowski suffers minor injury after Barcelona fans steal his phone and watch worth €70k


Robert Lewandowski is said to have suffered minor injury after getting involved in two separate robbery cases.

The former Borussia Dortmund forward was said to have injured himself and bleeding during a chase out.

According to MD, Robert Lewandowski was first robbed of his phone by Barcelona fans who is are TikTokers at the entrance of the Barça sports city ahead of this evening’s training session.

Lewandowski reportedly stopped to take a pic with two young men, who took the opportunity to reach into his car and snatch his phone.

He then started chasing them with the car and ended up bleeding from his forehead and suffered some damage to his car.

The young men were arrested after the incident.

In a separate incident according to TV3, a thief stole Robert Lewandowski wrist watch worth €70k, he tried to catch the thief himself, but lost sight of him.

This is not the best way to reward Robert Lewandowski who forced his way out of Bayerm Munich one of the best clubs in the world to play for Barcelona who are in a huge debt.


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