Landlord wants appreciation over rent hike – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: I have tenants I have bent over backwards for. I cut their late fees in half, and allow them to pay the rent by the 15th of each month.

I take care of their home before my own. Their credit is not great, but I still approved them to move in.

They do pay their full rent each month, but they seem to get some attitude when I make simple requests, primarily to not interfere with contractors I send to my rental property.

They have changed the scope of the work without my knowledge. They offer short or conflicting responses when I ask them if work has been done correctly.

They seem unappreciative and oblivious to the many breaks I have given them.

After six years, I am finally raising the rent since theirs is well below market now.

Since their communication skills are poor and they don’t show appreciation, I’m no longer in the mood to give them any more breaks.

My thought was to increase the rent by 10 percent, but I know they won’t appreciate or thank me, even though I could raise it by much more.

If they give me attitude, I may give them 30-day notice to vacate. Maybe once they are forced to move into a home half the size with 50 percent higher rent, they will appreciate me.

I feel that I’m within my rights to determine the new rent amount and send a message that appreciation, manners and “thank you” goes a long way.

— Nice Guys Finish Last


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