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Key highlights:

  • Klever will be launching its KleverChain blockchain platform on July 1
  • KleverChain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain that offers built-in “Kapps” to make development as accessible as possible
  • The Klever ecosystem also includes a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet, a crypto exchange platform and an NFT marketplace

Klever is launching its layer 1 blockchain KleverChain on July 1

The Klever blockchain project is taking a big step in the evolution of its ecosystem with the upcoming launch of KleverChain, a layer 1 blockchain. The KleverChain launch will happen on July 1, 2022. 

KleverChain uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and is able to handle 3,000 transactions per second, according to the Klever team. The design of KleverChain implements masternodes, which require a minimum of 10 million KLV tokens to run.

The Klever team says their main goal is to make blockchain technology accessible to as many people as possible, and the KleverChain platform is another step in this direction. With built-in functionalities for common blockchain operations, KleverChain is designed to simplify the process of developing decentralized applications. 

The prebuilt functionalities are called Klever Apps (Kapps), and essentially make it possible for developers to create decentralized applications without requiring in-depth blockchain knowledge. This allows developers to save on costs and time, and focus on the application itself rather than the blockchain it is built upon.

Of course, KleverChain also supports custom tokens, including non-fungible tokens. This functionality is called Klever Digital Assets (KDA). KDA is an example of a Kapp that’s available to developers on KleverChain. There are also Kapps for staking, fundraising, NFT marketplaces, multisignature transactions, and more.

Dio Ianakiara, the co-founder and CEO of Klever, commented on the unique proposition of KleverChain:

“Klever has a completely different approach and instead builds the Klever Blockchain with smart contracts coded into the blockchain itself. It is inspired by what Satoshi Nakamoto did with Bitcoin: code once and the Klever contract or Kapp as we call it will be there forever for anyone to use.”

Meanwhile, Klever’s director of communications Misha Lederman said that KleverChain’s developer-friendliness represents an important advancement in the cryptocurrency space:

“The KleverChain Mainnet launch is certainly the next chapter of the Klever Ecosystem. But more importantly, Klever Blockchain’s use of smart contracts coded native to the blockchain (Kapps) made available for developers worldwide as simple and essential crypto features to tap into at the click of a button, is in actuality taking blockchain building in the entire crypto space to the next level.”

Developers will be able to start working on applications for the Klever blockchain through the KleverOS SDK (software development kit).

Beyond the KleverChain, the Klever ecosystem also includes a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and an NFT marketplace.


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