Kickin’ It with Kiz: Can Wilson-Sutton duo match what PFM and DT did for Broncos?


A healthy Courtland Sutton with Russ Wilson as his quarterback will put up 90 receptions, 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns for the Broncos in 2022.

Jeromie, delivering sunshine

Kiz: Let’s go to the history book. Back in 2013, at the height of his partnership with Peyton Manning, the late, great Demaryius Thomas grabbed 92 receptions for 1,430 yards and 14 touchdowns for the Broncos. With all due respect to Wilson or Sutton, they aren’t as good as PFM and DT. Sutton has never caught more than 72 passes in a season and has produced 12 touchdowns during his entire four-year pro career. Fully healed from a serious knee injury, Sutton fills hearts of fans with giddy anticipation. But if we expect the Broncos to average 24 points per game, nobody faces more pressure to step up than Sutton.

Yo, Kiz! If a certain former president of the United States made a phone call and told an election official in Georgia all he needed to do was find 11,780 votes, is it too much for me to ask for at least 24 points per game this season from the Broncos?

M.Z., sneaky funny

Kiz: Gee, thanks a lot. Now I’m going to get beaucoup emails lambasting me (and you) for not sticking to sports. But Wilson should be able fulfill your request. The Seahawks averaged 25.7 points during his final three seasons in Seattle.

You bring us truth serum as always, Kiz. The Rockies’ $182 million contract for Kris Bryant was unbelievable, but the norm for the Rockies. How is there really no baseball business plan? It seems decisions are often meant to make a statement out of embarrassment. Example: The we’ll-show-you signing of Bryant was more expensive than paying the St. Louis Cardinals $50 million to take Nolan Arenado.

Ron, minds own business

Kiz: When the Broncos lose, it’s a citywide emergency. When the Rockies hit rock bottom, it’s just another reason for the denizens of Coors Field to crack open a beer on the party deck.

Which is the sadder story: Me watching the lost Rockies in a beautiful ballpark with 25,000 fans on a beautiful Colorado summer afternoon, or wandering round Tropicana Field in Tampa last week with 8,000 lost souls while the playoff-bound Rays played Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout?

Mark, baseball tourist

Kiz: Would you rather spend your hard-earned money in a beautiful ballpark with a sorry excuse for a major-league team, or pay to watch a playoff-bound squad in a dreary dump of a ballpark? For one day at the park, I’d pick winning baseball over a view of the Rocky Mountains. But I wouldn’t move to Florida to do it.

And today’s parting shot takes umbrage at my suggestion Bill Schmidt is in over his head as general manager of the Rockies.

There you go again, Kiz. Another kill shot from a pompous, little, whining know-it-all that couldn’t have made a contribution to any sport. Mr. Monday morning sports whisperer, selling his negativity to an audience that has never grown up. Why don’t you get a job as a general manager of a team and actually prove you have talent?

Mike, big dude energy


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