Keystone snow fort on Dercum Mountain reopens for 2022-’23


Ten thousand square feet of mountaintop real estate with sweeping mountain views and an ice bar sounds like a multi-million-dollar price tag, enjoyed only in the big dreams of an avid Zillow-er.

But at Keystone Resort about 70 miles west of Denver, all that stands in the way of that experience is a ride up the River Run gondola on the front side of Dercum Mountain.

And the aforementioned mega-mansion is built entirely of snow.

That’s right, Keystone lays claim to the world’s largest mountaintop snow fort. The resort collaborated with snow- and ice-carving company Snice to bring to life the 10,000-square-foot snow fort, complete with tunnels, slides, ice caves and snow carvings.

And, as of Wednesday (Dec. 14, 2022), it’s back and open to the public after two years off due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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