Josh Johnson slated for second preseason start in Buffalo amid Broncos backup QB battle


At 36, Josh Johnson is the oldest player on the Broncos’ roster by a couple years. But he doesn’t see his journeyman’s tale ending anytime soon.

“I want to play at least until I’m 40,” Johnson said. “I’m going a year at a time, then I’ll re-evaluate again after 40. But until then, I’m trying to keep it going as long as I can.”

For now, Johnson’s focus is on Saturday, when he’ll get his second preseason start for the Broncos when they play at Buffalo. There, the veteran who’s had 27 signings/re-signings across 14 different NFL teams — to go along with 17 cuts, and stints in the UFL and XFL — gets another opportunity to state his case as the Broncos’ backup quarterback to Russell Wilson.


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