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I’m a fan who dislikes the league allowing the amount of contact (grabbing, pulling, etc.) by defensive backs that occurs on every pass play. It takes away from the skill set of the receivers and makes me laugh when announcers praise the skill of defensive backs who hold onto receivers running down the field. You agree?

— Mary Heckert, Albuquerque, N.M.

Hey Mary, thanks for writing in and for the interesting question.

Most defensive players and coaches would tell you it’s tough enough these days to play defense without going any further on the pushing and grabbing down the field. If a defensive player can’t put his hands on a receiver, then a receiver shouldn’t be able to put his hands on a defensive player. That would make for a total mess.

I actually like when officiating crews let players play. Obviously, it can get out of hand and pass interference is necessary to police instances where defenders clearly restrain receivers from catching the ball. There was one holding call Sunday where a Dallas player simply dragged down 49ers tight end George Kittle to prevent him from continuing his route into the end zone. Easy enough. But overall I appreciate physical play and think pass interference still gets called based on anticipation rather than actual restrictive contact too often.

An observation, not a question. Josh Allen isn’t the only University of Wyoming player John Elway whiffed on. We could have had Logan Wilson instead of KJ Hamler.

— Mike, Colorado City

Mike, you’re not wrong, though it’s always easy to find instances where any team could have had this guy rather than that guy.

Broncos-wise, did you know Seattle’s burgeoning young star corner Tariq Woolen was drafted in the fifth round, one pick after Denver took safety Delarrin Turner-Yell?


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