Jefferson County authorities searching for driver suspected of hit-and-run that left two bicyclists injured


Alan Haley Mill

Authorities in Jefferson County are searching for a 39-year-old suspected of intentionally driving his SUV on Sunday into two bicyclists.

Alan (Haley) Mill is wanted on suspicion of two counts each of first-degree assault and accidents involving death or personal injuries, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said in a Monday news release. One of the cyclists, a woman who was not identified, remains in critical condition. Another individual also sustained injuries in the hit-and-run.

Multiple witnesses told authorities that Mill intentionally drove into the two cyclists around 9:50 a.m. Sunday in the 29000 block of U.S. 40. The driver then sped through a restaurant parking lot, dislodging a badly damaged bicycle from beneath the car, before fleeing eastbound on Interstate 70.

“Investigators are not aware of any precipitating actions that may have provoked Mill,” the sheriff’s office said in the release.


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