Jay-Jay Okocha of style! Mesmerizes social media followers with exotic garage


His dazzling moves on the pitch may have ended with his retirement from active football, but Jay-Jay Okocha will not stop mesmerizing shows.

If he is not delivering jaw-dropping comments on punditry duty, then Jay-Jay will dazzle through his commercial advertisement roles or recently by flaunting of his exotic garage.

Jay Jay Okocha shows off exotic cars

Former Super Eagles skipper Jay Jay Okocha had social media users blushing on Instagram as he shared a picture of his latest Porsche, G Wagon, and Powerbike acquisitions with a caption ” Out for a Kwik delivery.”

In the picture, a White Mercedes-benz AMG model was spotted right beside a white Porsche and a powerbike with other luxurious cars parked inside the luxury garage.

One the best footballers Nigeria has ever produced. Okocha’s earnings during his playing days may not have been as huge as that of the current generation of ballers but man still lives a flashy and decent life.

Jay-Jay Okocha will always dazzle.



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