It’s All in the Contrast, Mercedes-AMG GT 63 Proves


White Mercedes-AMG GT 63 wears 22-inch black wheels to prove that it’s all in the contrast. The Yin and Yang kind of contrast comes courtesy of AG Luxury Wheels.

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 that you see in the wheel maker’s photo gallery is a 4-Door Coupe in the S version. That S in the designation means that the Affalterbach-made 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 brings along 630 horsepower (639 PS) and 664 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque.

Therefore, those figures are enough to make the car flash from a standstill to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.2 seconds. Top speed goes all the way to 196 mph (315 km/h).

Drift Mode steers resources straight to the rear axle. That’s one hell of a feature for the dads and moms who want to have a bit of fun after taking kids to school.

It's All in the Contrast, White Mercedes-AMG GT 63 With Black Wheels Proves (2)

But one thing is for sure. Taking kids to school can be stylish. The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-Door Coupe got the necessary upgrades for that. It received a Hand-Held Suspension Module from Renntech. For a spectacular look, AG Luxury fitted the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-Door Coupe with Duo-Block Forged AGL74 22-inch wheels. They display a gloss black finish that makes up the eye-catching contrast with the white pearlescent bodywork of the high-performance sedan.

Black are the rear wing and the panoramic sunroof as well. Just as head-turning are the red brake calipers sporting the AMG lettering. Same three letters that hint to performance show up in black at the rear.

A black matching strip on the hood and boot lid visually splits the car in two for that wow factor. And it’s working, isn’t it?

It's All in the Contrast, White Mercedes-AMG GT 63 With Black Wheels Proves (3)

The post on the tuner’s Instagram page gives no info on pricing. But you know that is just one email or one phone call away.


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