” It’s a case of mistaken identity ” Fc Ona Pal President Obinna Paul responds to allegations of Unsporting Conduct.


President of FC Ona Pal Engineer Obinna Paul has come out to clear the air on the chaotic scenes which marred his teams Akwa Ibom state FA Cup clash in Uyo on Friday 3rd June 2022.


Contrary to the report that Fc Ona Pal CEO Paul Obinna Unsportsmanlike Conduct Mars Akwa Ibom State FA Cup Clash . 

Mr Obinna has in an exclusive chat with SportsRation took time to narrate the events that occured on that fateful evening at the training pitch of the Godswill Akpabio international stadium Uyo.


He said ” It was a case of mistaken identity . The video evidence is there to show I didn’t hit anybody. Yes it was a tension soaked match between my team Fc Ona Pal and our rivals in the Nigerian Nationwide League group D1 Sir Monty Fc.”


” In the 79th Minute when the Referee awarded a penalty against our team , I observed an unidentified fan running towards the Assistant Referee so I quickly moved to intervene. That was how I was pictured at the scene of the disagreement between the young man and the Assistant Referee. ”


” I Know some people misunderstood what transpired there as I moved in between the fan and the Referee but this is the truth . I quickly left the stadium to attend to some other pressing issues which kept me engaged until today ( Tuesday ). So I feel it’s important to let everyone know what really happened . ”


” In football everywhere you would expect emotional reactions from fans players and even club Officials but I have never supported and will never support Hooliganism in football.”


” Our record in the league is testimony of our respect for Referees and the rules that govern the game. Fc Ona Pal is top on the NLO Group D1 table as a result of the hardwork by both players and managerial staff at the club so we won’t allow one moment soil that. ”


On his teams preparation for the remaining Nationwide League games this season , Mr Obinna expressed optimism Fc Ona Pal has all it takes to finish top of the group and gain promotion to the Nigerian National League.

Fc Ona Pal starting XI Vs Sir Monty Fc. Photo credit: Jimoh Otisoro

” We are preparing very well for the next game, it’s in our hands now and we will do our very best to take top spot and promote to the Nigerian National League.


” It’s football but with the caliber of players I have I’m sure we will edge the rest to celebrate at the end of the season” . Mr Obinna Paul concluded.