Is this the time for a Heat run at John Collins? – The Denver Post


Q: Do you think the Heat will consider John Collins? He is young, athletic, plays defense, can shoot the 3 and fits what the Heat need. Plus, he seems to be available. – Jeffrey.

A: Available . . . for the right price. So the question with the entire offseason rumor mill is whether the Heat have such a price available. Yes, you could make an argument that John Collins and Bam Adebayo would provide ultimate power-rotation versatility, with the needed stretch-ability, if you will. But also consider that the prime asset the Heat could offer would be Tyler Herro. And does a team with Trae Young necessarily also need a Tyler Herro? Certainly, that could be a potent one-two punch, with Herro off the bench. But is that where Tyler would want to trend? Yes, for years the Heat have been linked to John Collins and his South Florida roots. I get it. But in order to play the trade game, you have to be able to pay in the trade game. Plus, you are talking about division rivals, which only further complicates the potential permutations. In addition, if John’s ultimate goal is to be a standalone star, away from the shadow of Trae, I’m not certain playing as a sidekick to Jimmy Butler would be the preferred landing spot.

Q: I think DeMar DeRozan’s game has been considerably benefited by his improvement beyond the arc and I can’t see how it wouldn’t do the same for Jimmy Butler’s game. If I was the Heat, I would totally want my star player to have a more complete game and the only thing Jimmy’s game is missing is a consistent 3-point shot. – Carlos, West Park.

A: And I’m not downplaying the advantages of Jimmy Butler expanding his game. But the Heat are somewhat lacking in downhill players beyond Jimmy and perhaps Tyler Herro (with Victor Oladipo an impending free agent, and still not up to speed in regard to playing in attack mode). So I’m just not sure that this is a moment the Heat can afford such experimentation. That, of course, would not preclude Jimmy putting up 1,000 3-pointers a day this offseason. He certainly should be caffeinated enough to do that.

Q: How confident are you in Pat Riley striking out or not? – Toney.

A: I highly doubt a total whiff. There will be a significant addition by the Heat this offseason, it just might not be on the star level. But be it a small trade or a mid-level acquisition in free agency, I believe there will, at the least, be one rotation component added.



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