Is there something to be said about Heat taking care of business? – The Denver Post


Q: Whoopy do. We beat the Pacers, Thunder, Rockets and Spurs, a bunch of losers. – Steve.

A: And how exactly do you think those teams with winning records have winning records? By beating the teams you’re supposed to beat. After those bad losses against the shorthanded Grizzlies, Pistons and Spurs, the Heat took care of business. Downplay winning in Indiana, Oklahoma City, Houston and then over the Spurs in Mexico City all you want, but winning those games is what got the Heat above .500. Now, immediately ahead are winnable games against the Bulls, Pacers, Timberwolves and Lakers. Win those and the five-game western swing that follows won’t seem nearly as daunting.

Q: Dipo the Defender. Put that on a T-shirt. – Anthony.

A: I don’t do the T-shirts; that’s the other guys. But, yes, Victor Oladipo’s defense, including his five steals, certainly adds an active-hands element to the second unit, which comes in particularly handy when the Heat are playing their zone defense. Vic isn’t all the way back with his offense. But considering the Heat prioritize defense, he certainly is a good place when it comes to a regular rotation role.

Q: Have you heard anything regarding Gabe Vincent’s knee issue? How serious is it? When is he expected back? – Joel.

A: It’s the Heat. So that means only as much information is provided as required. But Erik Spoelstra said at the start of this past trip that he expects Gabe Vincent back soon. The fact that the Heat have only one game over the next five days certainly will help, as well.



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