Is there a Dewayne Dedmon deficit for the Heat? – The Denver Post


Q: Play Nikola Jovic over Dewayne Dedmon. Play Omer Yurtseven. What does Dedmon give you except moving screens? – Stephen.

A: No, it was not the best of opening weeks for Dewayne Dedmon, who largely has been a step off with his play and foul prone. But what he provides is man strength, something that Nikola Jovic, at 19, lacks, and something that Omer Yurtseven cannot provide at the moment due an ankle issue that has kept him off the practice court. But considering Erik Spoelstra’s bent for smaller ball, it will be interesting to see whether he continues to consistently utilize a backup center. In the end, the more Bam Adebayo stays out of foul trouble, the less you could see of Dewayne.

Q: The Heat are in a bad season starting situation due to continued poor roster management. That starting five has obvious holes and flaws. And add insult to injury with Victor Oladipo’s situation. This constant theme of over rewarding and overpaying players might create a classy and loyal organizational perception, but it simply puts undo, avoidable pressure to deliver results. The diamond-in-the rough strategy is all well and good for bench depth. But the overall formula has run its course. – Elan, Aventura.

A: And then there are nights such as Saturday, when Max Strus and Gabe Vincent play as difference makers. With players such as that, if they can help you to even one victory a week with their contributions, it makes the investment worthwhile. The greater question is what the Heat do when Strus and Vincent hit free agency in July.

Q: The NBA is clearly in the entertainment business. That said, will the Miami Heat basketball team have a compelling product to watch this season? – Stuart.

A: That largely will be up to Tyler Herro and the team’s 3-point success. Otherwise, you are correct that this is not exactly a roster of high-flyers and shot creators. Unless, of course, you revel in watching gritty defense.



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