Is the Broncos’ preseason preparation for NFL regular season too soft?


Kiz: OK, even a knucklehead like me is smart enough to get it. Never, ever put too much emphasis on NFL football in August, when the results don’t count in the standings. So I don’t care if the Broncos got trounced in Buffalo with their starters watching from the sideline. But can anyone around here be troubled to block or tackle? Does coach Nathaniel Hackett’s enlightened approach to the preseason give short shrift to football fundamentals?

O’Halloran: Where Hackett may be erring is not having the kind of practices that prepare the second- and third-teamers to play significantly in a preseason game. The Broncos’ offense can’t run block and the Broncos’ defense can’t stop the run. I think the team has come up short in practicing to the point where they can get a true evaluation of the back-of-the-roster guys.

Kiz: Players adore Hackett’s approach to training camp and exhibition games because it’s as cushy an experience as you’ll find anywhere this side of a day spa. What’s next? Pedicures for players? I don’t know if the Broncos rank last in hard knocks and big hits during the preseason, but I would be willing to bet Hackett ranks No. 1 in hugs delivered. Do we need to hear more pads popping before the real games start?


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