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Q: Hello, Ira. Yesterday you asked “Exactly what sharks have been caught? ” How about Detroit sending Jerami Grant to the Blazers and the Rockets sending Christian Wood to the Mavericks? We could have made a competitive offer for both players, and though I’m no expert, they both seem like perfect fits next to Bam Adebayo. Both are in the prime of their careers, both can create their own shots, hit the open 3, and defend. Though I appreciate the whale hunting, if you don’t land the whale, all you might be left with is a fish at veteran’s minimum to start at power forward. – Carlos, West Park.

A: First, an appreciation of the thought put into your post. To a degree, you also answered your question. Neither Jerami Grant nor Christian Wood have been All-Stars, and quite possibly never will be. Both, I agree, can be quality supporting players. But that is not what the Heat want/need. So they wait for something bigger. Will it arrive? Can it happen? Nothing is guaranteed. I agree. But imagine taking on either, and then some other door opens with something shiner. Trying to fill an inside royal flush in video poker can leave you without a payoff. But it’s also the play, even if it means kicking away a pair of Jacks. Sometimes, you have to go big. The Heat are Vegas, and this seemingly is their time to go big. And, as with all the answers to similar questions this past week . . . it’s still July. There is time. Plenty of time. So let’s hold off on the report card.

Q: It’s the 2023 NBA trading deadline and the Heat have yet to make a trade and no superstars have come loose: The Heat move Duncan Robinson and two other players for Gordon Hayward (who would be going into the final year of his deal). – Gabriel, Mami.

A: But Duncan Robinson still would have three additional high-priced years on his deal, so it’s not as if he would necessarily be viewed as an asset. Still, the thinking plays into the answer above. There will be options, and fallbacks, if something major can’t be conjured in the interim. And in the interim, Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry should be capable of providing enough wins to keep it all afloat.

Q: Ira, what are your thoughts on the Heat signing Carmelo Anthony to take P.J. Tucker’s place. While not the defensive player that Tucker is, he is the better offensive player. – Joel.

A: These are my thoughts:



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