If Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett hadn’t taken ball out of Russell Wilson’s hands in August, maybe he wouldn’t have to had to do it Week 1 in Seattle.

If you’d put the ball in Russell Wilson’s mitts in August, Nathaniel Hackett, maybe you wouldn’t have gotten blasted for taking it out of his hands in September.

One preseason series, Nate. Maybe two. Heck, would a quarter have killed anybody?

If Big Russ got to practice cooking in the red zone at Buffalo, with Bills Mafia screaming in his ear, maybe he wouldn’t have looked so panicked in Seattle.

If Graham Glasgow had a little work at live speed with Wilson, against live tackling, in front of a live crowd against Dallas or Minnesota, maybe he wouldn’t have hip-checked Javonte Williams in the backfield during Week 1.

If the Broncos’ starters had already shaken off the rust in the NFL preseason, maybe the defense wouldn’t have made Geno Smith look like the second coming of Drew stinkin’ Brees for a half on national television. Maybe Russell and his mates wouldn’t have been forced to play catch-up all night against what’s likely to be the worst offense in the NFC West.

And maybe you wouldn’t have had to spend Tuesday afternoon defending a desperation, 64-yard field goal attempt to Broncos Country. And to the taking heads from L.A. to Bristol who’d spent the previous 12 hours roasting you over an open fire.

“You know, looking back at it,” Hackett said to open his day-after Tuesday news conference when asked about his fateful decision that capped a 17-16 Broncos loss, “(we) definitely should have gone for it.”

Amen. Moving on …

“Just, you know, (it’s) one of those things, you look back at it, and you say, ‘Of course we should go for it, we missed the field goal!.’ But in that situation, we had a plan. I mean, we had a plan.”

Dude, it was a bad plan.

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