“I’d love for him to be my teammate forever” – The Denver Post


HARROW, U.K. — Denver began its practice week here Wednesday keenly aware that the trade deadline arrives next week after the team arrives back stateside.

Given the Broncos’ poor start to the season and their lack of draft picks next spring — they currently have only five and none before the third round — several key players’ names have come up in rumors. That list includes outside linebacker Bradley Chubb and wide receiver Jerry Jeudy.

Chubb, a fourth-year player, is off to a strong start now that he’s healthy for the first time in a long time. He also is in the final year of his rookie contract and though the Broncos could sign him to a contract extension or franchise tag him to retain his rights for 2023, they could also trade him before Tuesday and likely recoup a premium pick or multiple picks in return.

“Unfortunately it’s always part of the business,” safety Justin Simmons said when asked about trade rumors generally before raising Chubb’s name unprompted. “You know, I think in terms of for us, I think Chubb’s been an outstanding player here. I honestly don’t pay attention to any of that type of stuff, but obviously, you hear those types of things  I love playing with Chubb, he’s been an amazing player. I think he’s a great player for us. In my opinion, having his best year with us.

“I’d love for him to be my teammate forever. He makes my job so much easier on the back end the way he’s disruptive not only in the pass game but in the run game, too. I absolutely love him, man.”

Quarterback Russell Wilson, who said before the season started that Seattle tried to trade him “a couple of times” over his decade there, had one-on-one conversations recently with Chubb and Jeudy, the third-year receiver and former first-round draft pick.

“I told them, the greater you are, the more people are going to want you and the more people are going to keep throwing your names out there to see what hits and doesn’t hit,” Wilson said. “The reality is that I think Chubb’s having his best season. He’s been amazing for us. Obviously he’s been a captain, a leader, he’s a guy I love to play with. We hope he’s with us for a long time because he’s special. …

“Same thing with Jerry. This guy is getting better and better every day. The bond we have, the joy — I mentioned to him one-on-one that, don’t take offense to it. Just know that it’s something people are always going to look for you if you’re a talented player. That’s the game.”


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