I live in a Denver apartment and hear a dog constantly barking and moaning all day long


Dear Amy: My husband and I have a wonderful, stable, and loving relationship. We welcomed a new baby this year.

Neither set of our parents live in our state (on the West Coast), and it’s hard not to have a helpful “village” nearby.

We have a great group of friends, but lately I’ve felt unsettled.

I’ve lived in our city for more than seven years, and the crime rate has increased over the last few years, making me feel unsafe.

Our city has become trashed, and it feels like a skeleton of what it used to be.

I would like to move to be closer to my parents and try a different city and a new adventure.

My husband is opposed to moving because he loves our current city and our friends here. The thought of leaving makes him sad.

We are at a crossroads because I’m unhappy if we stay, and he could be unhappy if we go.

Separating isn’t an option, we’re too in love to live apart.

We plan to visit my parents over the holidays to vet out if a move is something we’d like to do, but what if we both don’t want to?

It’s a major thing to compromise on.


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