Husband’s double life erases wife


Dear Amy: My husband and I recently celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. We were both widowed and in our early-50s when we met and married.

We were thrilled to find each other and to have the opportunity to live again and to be happy.

I have two children who are very supportive. They want me to be happy.

His daughter is a problem, however. She did not want him to remarry.

We went to counseling early on and the counselor advised my husband to talk to his daughter and explain that he needs a companion.

To this day, she will not allow him to tell his grandchildren that he is married to me.

He goes to see the children (without me), although not as often as he would like. He tells me I’m not welcome.

I’ve caught him in several lies. He says he’s lying to protect me.

I’m excluded from everything.

I’ve never seen any of his extended family members.

Even on Christmas cards, all of his extended family leave me out and only put his name on the cards.


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