Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 Review – Is it one of the best sneakers in the market?


Hummel, a Danish manufacturing company that focuses on manufacturing sportswear is already a renowned brand and focuses primarily on making sports shoes, sneakers, and gym wear for both men and women. They have already entered the Indian markets with their wide range of unisex shoes, sneakers and clothing. 

So today in this article we will be reviewing “The Hummel Terrafly Breather V2”, which claims to be a unique sneaker for both men and women. Let’s begin. 

What is the Hummel Terrafly Breather V2?

The TERRAFLY BREATHER V2 trainer shoe includes a one-piece mesh upper and a complete Terrafly EVA outsole for better comfort and shock absorption, as well as an overall lightweight feel. Memory foam is also used in the footbed for a customized fit. These hummel trainer sneaker shoes have a mesh covering that makes them extremely breathable. A reinforced TPU toe cap and TPU chevrons on the sides make this shoe stand out. This shoe is specially customized for people who want a specific sneaker-type shoe for hitting gyms or training. Being a sneaker, it can also be worn anywhere anytime and goes well with any of your casual outfits. 

Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 Review – Understanding its features

Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 Review

Upper mesh 

As the name suggests, Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 focuses more on breathing technology that is an easy flow of air and allows proper ventilation. During gumming or performing high-intensity workouts, our feet tend to sweat a lot. The presence of mesh material in Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 allows your feet to breathe that is it allows air and water vapor to escape easily keeping your feet free from bacteria and fungus. 

EVA outsole

Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 also possesses an EVA outsole. EVA is nothing but Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate which is a type of plastic that has rubber-like properties. EVA outsole makes the shoe very lightweight, flexible and boosts durability. Moreover, shoes with EVA outsole are considered the best shoes for indoor activities and gymming. So, if you are someone who is into regular workouts and want a shoe for that purpose, Terrafly Breather V2 is the right one for you. 

Memory foam footbed

The presence of a memory foam footbed in Terrafly Breather V2 makes this shoe very flexible in nature. Memory foam footbed takes the shape of your foot and makes you feel very comfortable. It further makes the shoe more breathable and sweat-absorbing in nature. So even if the shoe does not fit in perfectly, the memory foam works like a magic wand to make it fit in perfectly. Memory foam shoes are always recommended for people who experience heel pain, arch pain, and foot fatigue very frequently. 

TPU toe cap

TPU is a new technology introduced in shoes. It generally denotes Thermoplastic Polyurethane. The presence of a TPU foot cap in Terrafly Breather V2 makes this shoe more flexible and sweat-resistant. These toe caps are lighter than alloy and steel toe caps. Moreover, TPU toe caps provide more ventilation compared to the other toe caps. 

TPU chevrons on the side

TPU chevrons are further added on the sides of Hummel Terrafly Breather V2. Chevrons are nothing but inverted V-shaped symbols that enhances the design of a shoe, especially when it is marketed as a sneaker. The chevrons made out of TPU not only enhance the design but also add flexibility to the shoes. 

For both men and women? 

Generally, there are shoes specific for men and women. For example, a heeled sandal can never be worn by a man. But Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 can be worn by both men and women. The sneaker is designed in such a way that it would match the look of a man as well as a woman. 

Excellent cushion properties 

Terrafly Breather V2 actually has excellent cushion properties that is it fits in perfectly and you easily feel the softness in the sole. The sole is indeed very soft and provides tremendous comfort while running or exercising. Being very breathable in nature, you won’t face any sort of irritation. 

Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 – Final Review

Hummel Terrafly Breather V2 Review

So overall, the Terrafly Breather V2 by Hummel is an excellent sneaker if you really want to buy one for your regular use or for hitting the gyms. The perfect combination of features makes this shoe extremely unique. Moreover, the breathable functionality and the use of TPU technology in this shoe leave you in awe. Most importantly, when it comes to the pricing section, Terrafly Breather V2 costs you around Rs 1600, which is quite reasonable if compared to the features it provides you. 

So what are you waiting for? Go buy your new pair of Terrafly Breather V2 from Hummel’s official website and try it out yourself. Don’t forget to comment down your reviews if you are going for it. 


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