How to bet on football on Merrybet: prematch and live tips


With over 3.5 billion fans, football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Due to its popularity, punters in many parts of the world prefer to bet on football.

Top club leagues and competitions like the UEFA Champions League, the English Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga make football fun to watch. These leagues are highly competitive and people sometimes want to back their clubs or place bets on other clubs.

On an international scale, the FIFA World Cup is the greatest football competition as it involves several countries all around the world competing for the trophy. During the World Cup, even fans of rival clubs come together to try to cheer their countries to success. football is that great.

Punters use different bookies to place their football bets, however, we will use Merrybet bookmaker as an illustration. Merrybet is one of the top bookies in Nigeria with several categories of sports and betting markets to choose from. On Merrybet, you can place over/under bets, handicaps, and parlay bets. To be confident in your game don’t forget to use ht/ft free tips from experts to build on the knowledge and experience of others.

In this guide, I will explain how to bet on football on Merrybet. I will shed light on the different betting markets we have in football, how to position yourself for winning in football bets, and get predictions like correct score betting tips so you can start off quickly. Let’s get to it.

Top betting markets and odds for football 

There are different ways punters bet on a football match and in this section, I will discuss the common betting markets in football.


Over/under bets are one of the top betting markets in football. Here, punters simply predict the least or most number of times an event will occur in a football match. The events you can predict include corners, goal kicks, yellow cards, and goals.


Let’s take an over/under corner bet for instance. If Tottenham and Manchester United go head to head in the Premier League and you select an over 10.5 corners bet, this simply means you’re predicting the game to end with at least a total of 11 corners. Likewise, if you select an under 10.5 bet, you are predicting the football match to end with not more than 10 corners.


The outright betting market involves betting on the likely outcomes of the season. For instance, you may bet on a team to win the UEFA Champions League, any of Europe’s top five leagues, or domestic cups. You win your bet if your chosen outcome is true at the end of the competition.


Note that betting early on outrights gives you higher odds as the odds are reduced as the season proceeds.

Goalscorer betting market 

In goalscorer bets, you simply predict the player(s) to score in a football match. It could be in the first half, second half, or anytime during the match.

Asian handicap 

In the Asian handicap market, the weaker team is given a virtual head start in the match to level the playing field.

For instance, a Liverpool(-3) vs Bournemouth(+3) handicap bet means Liverpool starts the game with a three-goal deficit while Bournemouth starts with a three-goal advantage. This means that if you are backing Liverpool, they have to score at least 4 goals to win the bet. Likewise, if you are backing the underdogs, you win the bet if they don’t concede more than three goals.

Double chance & draw no bet 

Double chance gives more flexibility on your bet as you can bet on two events at a time(Usually a win or draw). Once any of the scenarios is true, you win the bet.

On the other hand, draw no bet is somewhat similar to double chance. Draw no bet simply means betting on a draw is not an option, one of the teams must win. You can bet on the home team or away team to win.

Both teams to score (BTTS) 

As the name implies, BTTS involves a punter predicting both teams in a football match will score at least one goal each. If the scenario occurs, you win the bet. This market is a bit technical so be sure to consider teams with very high xGs more.

ACCA betting market 

Most punters do ACCA bets, also known as accumulator bets. Here, instead of making a single bet, you can combine multiple bets to enjoy higher odds. However, you must win all the sub-bets you select to win the overall bet.

What is special about live football betting? 

Live betting provides bettors with a chance to place bets in real-time. This means you have the opportunity to see the performance of players and teams before betting on them. Live betting doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always win your bets. However, it is safer as you can base your prediction on the present flow of the match.

How to place a bet on football on Merrybet? 

To bet on Merrybet, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Merrybet website.
  2. Sign in to your account or register for it.
  3. Navigate the page and select football.
  4. Select the league you wish to bet on.
  5. Choose the event you want to place wagers on.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to stake.
  7. Confirm your bet. 

Top points to consider when doing live betting on football on Merrybet 

Get involved 

One of the ways to improve in football betting is by actually watching the teams you love to bet on frequently. This way, you can monitor their real-time performances, spot key players, and their pattern of play. This information will come in handy when picking your bets.

Use a reputable and suitable bookmaker 

Bookmakers also influence your football betting experience. Ensure you explore the bookmakers available to you to check whichever offers the best experience. The goal is to stick to the most suitable and trustworthy bookmaker.

Do not overinvest 

One of the fastest ways to get burnt out in betting is by overinvesting in bets. It’s much easier if you select a few teams and betting markets to explore. If you spread your stake out too often, you likely end up losing more than you win.


football is one of the preferred sports to bet on because people already enjoy watching it. While football betting could be fun, do not overinvest. Only invest what you can lose.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Happy betting!


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