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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are among the latest phenomena in the digital world. After the development of cryptocurrencies and their wide acceptance in the digital market, the introduction of NFTs as unique digital assets caused a revolution in the market. Since then, many have searched to see what exactly NFTs are

Accordingly, NFT activities grew on social media platforms as the number of NFT enthusiasts increased. Social media platforms helped people learn more about NFTs and keep up with developments in the NFT space. 

Discord is the main medium used by cryptocurrency and NFT holders to keep in touch and learn more about the subjects. Discord was first developed as a social media platform for gamers. The platform allowed gamers to connect and build communities while playing games online. Over time, the platform has grown in popularity and added more exciting features.

Discord is a cross-platform application, which means it is available for mobile (Android, iOS), desktop (Windows, macOS), and websites. Like many other social media, Discord enables texting, sending voice messages, and making video calls. However, this application also has servers and channels in servers that can make it easier to use chat columns and bots, which can be used for many admin purposes. 

These working features make Discord the desired application to create a community and connect to other people with similar points of view and as a successful marketing platform for providers and customers. Let’s see how the Discord application can benefit the NFT community.

How can bots benefit users?

One of the best features in Discord is Bots. Bots are used to perform many different administrative tasks on a server. They can greet new members on their birthday, add music and games to the server, initiate discussions by throwing riddles and prompts, ban spammers and abusers, message in channels, and so on. Many users find Bots heartwarming and seem more satisfied when Bots are around.

How can channels benefit users?

Like other media, Discord channels serve as places where community members can discuss a particular topic. Discord servers include channels for each possible category in cryptocurrency and NFTs, such as channels for NFT games, NFT assets, etc. This way, members in a Discord server can easily interact with other members with matching interests.

Discord for NFT marketing

Due to its unique features and cross-platform support, Discord has become a preferred platform for NFT and Crypto enthusiasts. Many NFT artists looking for a marketing option to reach prospective clients for their NFT or Crypto products find Discord as the perfect platform to make their community and introduce their NFT collections. If you want to know how discord can affect the NFT community, use this article

Artists can improve their NFT businesses by having a wider reach to people out there since every Discord server can host a vast community, and regular engagement can boost artists’ profits. The enormous number of Crypto and NFT enthusiasts in Discord already paves the route to gaining audiences in Discord. Therefore, marketing unique NFTs and selling cryptos would only get easier. Also, bots in Discord servers can assist artists with the basic requirements of their present and prospective customers, so that much time is saved on the artists’ end, which can be dedicated to creating new NFT collections. All app versions provide the necessary features to start the marketing campaign for NFT businesses.

Reaching audiences with Discord marketing.

Discord makes it easier for artists to reach wider communities to market their NFTs. They can join various relevant NFT discord servers as a member and sell their products. Otherwise, if artists have a bigger business, it seems more effective to own their server and invite members to join and promote their products across the server. Discord servers allow NFT artists to go about finding new clients with the help of their existing clients if they are a member of another group that talks about NFTs and Cryptos. NFT artists can approach a marketing agency concentrating on Discord marketing to approach potential clients for NFT businesses professionally.

Discord also provides professional customer support features, enabling clients to reach out to NFT artists directly through Discord chats. Also, artists can even dedicate a chatbot to answer their clients’ queries and escalate if necessary. A proper Discord marketing firm can assist NFT artists with creating chatbots and providing their required functions.

The professional marketing agency is designed to include properties to support NFT and crypto communities by posting relevant content in the form of blogs, articles, and even social media posts to attract potential customers for the business on Cryptos and NFTs. Just like other social media platforms, a meme or a GIF can make NFT and crypto businesses noticed by more people attending Discord.

How to join an NFT Discord Group?

There are a few steps to take to join an NFT Discord Group.

Sign Up for a Discord Account

Start by visiting or download the app through App Store or Google Play store. Create an account using your email address. It is always possible to change the Discord username even after creating an account. Immediately after logging in, you will be directed to the Discord homepage. 

The sidebar and most important sections are on the page’s left side. This sidebar will keep track of all the servers you have joined. A “+” symbol is used to “Add a Server”. Click on “Create a server” to create your Discord channel, and you may also “Join a Server” by clicking on the same icon. The search icon “Explore Public Servers” is down the page. It helps you find public Discord servers available to every discord user. 

Joining a Discord group

It is also possible to join a Discord server via links. You can find these types of links in Twitter biographies and project websites. When you click on an invite link, you will be directed straight to the server’s invite page, where you will be requested to accept the invitation.

You’ll have to pass through a verification process every time you log in. To keep spam and bots out of these groups, different techniques are employed. Some include validating your agreement with the server’s rules by ticking a checkbox and clicking on an emoji to indicate you understand the rules of a particular channel.

A final word

Lastly, let’s summarize the advantages of using a Discord server to improve NFT and crypto business. 

  • Tips and knowledge: An active Discords server is always a great source of tips regarding NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Discord helps its users worldwide learn as much as possible about minting tips on how to avoid gas fees.
  • Communities: Discord servers can support the biggest communities ever. It provides the chance for new users to engage with more experienced ones. Communities are a big reason why NFT projects receive organic growth and success.
  • Whitelist Spots: Whitelisting is an important aspect of the NFT ecosystem. It enhances efficiency and transparency and adds a layer of protection to the blockchain. Besides, the NFT whitelist helps to limit spam and high-value token losses. It also helps to reward early supporters of an NFT project. 
  • Updates and news: Discord also makes it easy to keep track of favorite NFT collections. Discord groups are a quick and real-time source for the latest news you can follow or read anytime by following the correct channels.
  • NFT Airdrops: Discord communities are also one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with NFT airdrops. This is very important, especially if you are looking to get free NFTs or benefit from giveaways. However, it is advised that you stay careful. 


Discord remains one of the social media platforms with NFT activities. Several communities help you learn and stay updated about a lot of things. Likewise, some communities inform you about upcoming giveaways and NFT airdrops. 

However, due to the unique nature of the platform, it might take a while to get used to. But if you still stick around enough, you’d get used to it. 

Finally, as much as Discord is a great platform, it is also filled with many scams. A lot of illicit actors are there looking for victims. As much as you try to learn and join communities, ensure you stay safe. Otherwise, you could end up losing your money and NFTs. 


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