How does Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett fix this hot mess?


Kiz: I’ve covered the Broncos since 1983, bearing witness to more than 500 games for The Denver Post, and thought I’d seen it all. But I’ve never witnessed a hot mess like this. With Grade A trolling of rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett’s utter lack of organization, the home crowd at the stadium mocked their beloved Broncos’ inability to snap the football on time by loudly counting down the play clock. What is going on here? And how does Hackett fix it?

Newman: New head coach… new offensive coordinator… new offensive system, including a new zone run blocking scheme… an offensive line already patchworking at two positions… and a new quarterback, even if he’s Hall of Fame-caliber. Add in Hackett’s insistence that the No. 1 offense didn’t see a single series in the preseason, and the result is exactly what we’re seeing: Rust, sloppiness and underperformance from a unit that was supposed to make us instantly forget about the insufferable Pat Shurmur Era.

Kiz:  When I asked Hackett if calling plays, communicating with assistant coaches and serving as CEO on the sideline was more complicated than anticipated, he replied: “No … I just need to be sure I clean up exactly what I’m hearing, where I’m going with (the info) and make sure I’m on the same page for Russ (Wilson).” I’m sorry. But Hackett seems overwhelmed by the pressure on game day. Might moving from the sideline to the coaches’ box high above the stadium help him see the big picture?


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