Here’s why Chipotle calls March-May “burrito season”


The nation’s tech giants, like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, are laying off thousands of employees these days, but the guac giants are clearly hiring.

On Thursday, the same day that Casa Bonita said it is now trying to fill 550 jobs before its planned opening in May, Chipotle revealed that it aims to hire 15,000 people across the country, including 230 in metro Denver (where the Mexican food chain was originally founded in 1993).

But the part of its announcement that tickled the fancy of news outlets from the New York Times to the Morning Brew newsletter was the company’s stated goal of ensuring that “its restaurants are fully staffed for burrito season,” which is designated as being March through May.

So, why does Chipotle call March, April and may burrito season? We’re glad you asked.

“Historically, we have seen our highest volume of sales in the spring, primarily due to seasonal factors like weather and daylight,” a spokesperson told The Denver Post.

“Additionally, restaurants located near colleges and universities generally do more business during the academic year,” the spokesperson added.

Which means those gift cards you bought for your college-aged kids, nieces and nephews are being well-spent. Tis the season.

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