Here is what you need to know


Polling places across the state are now open for the final day of voting in Colorado’s 2022 primary election.

For voters that haven’t yet mailed in their ballots, deposited them in a drop box or visited one of the state’s polling centers, The Denver Post has an online ballot guide loaded with information about key races and need-to-know information about how and where to vote this Election Day.

It’s too late for registered Democrats and Republicans to switch their party affiliations but unaffiliated voters who were mailed a ballot for one party or the other and want to vote on the other side of the aisle may still do so. They have to visit a polling center and request a new ballot. Colorado also offers same-day registration for eligible voters.

To find the nearest polling center or ballot drop box, visit

“There is no shame. If people haven’t voted there is still time,” Secretary of State’s office spokeswoman Annie Orloff said on Friday.


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