Have Rockies considered trading Brendan Rodgers for starting pitching?


Denver Post sports writer Patrick Saunders with the latest installment of his Rockies Mailbag.

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Hey Patrick, a pretty silent offseason for the folks down at 20th and Blake. What happened to the Rockies thinking of trading second baseman Brendan Rodgers for pitching? Seems like they missed the boat on this one since they need pitching. Right now they have a bunch of No. 4 and 5 (starters) and a lackluster bullpen.

— Rip, Aurora

Rip, you’re right, it’s been a very quiet offseason for the Rockies’ front office. Clearly, though the club won’t say so, the plan is to try and improve in 2023 and shoot for contention in 2024-25. And you’re absolutely right when you say that this team needs pitching. Both quality and depth are lacking right now.

In regard to trading Rodgers for a starting pitcher, the Rockies did hold preliminary talks with the Marlins about a trade for 24-year-old right-hander Edward Cabrera, who posted a 3.01 ERA in 14 starts for Miami last season. It was an intriguing deal for the Rockies because Cabrera is a former top-100 prospect who’s made just 21 big-league starts and has yet to reach a full year of service time. He’s flashed a lot of potential, so he’ll be under team control for a long time. That’s the kind of trade that makes sense for Colorado. Much like the trade that brought German Marquez to the Rockies.

But from what I have been told, the Rodgers deal never gained much traction, but I don’t know what hurdles derailed the trade discussions.

Please tell me what the Rockies have done over the postseason to improve the team. I have no idea how giving up Connor Joe was an improvement and, despite seeing articles about other major league teams making deals, I see nothing about the Rockies. Am I missing something?

I hear lots of folks saying they don’t think the Monfort family really wants the team to win games. Being a lifetime baseball fan, I hope they are wrong.

— Alan, Lakewood

Alan, as I mentioned in the previous segment, the Rockies have not made any major deals, choosing, instead, to work under the radar. They have traded for pitchers such as Jeff Criswell (in a deal with Oakland) and Connor Seabold, acquired from Boston in a trade on Tuesday.


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