Have Heat found the balance to offset opposing surges? – The Denver Post


Q: What did I like best about Wednesday’s game? The Heat took a large lead in the first quarter and kept it all the way, even building on it. – Roland, Borrego Springs, Calif.

A: So perhaps a lesson learned. Or perhaps that is what happens when the roster returns to health and there are more scoring options. All too often this season, the Heat, partly due to injuries, lacked someone to provide relief baskets when needed. That was not the case in New Orleans. Also, with the starting lineup again whole, it creates a bench with far more pop to withstand such runs.

Q: Even though I wrote you two weeks ago, the same problem I brought out then still exists. I would like you to address that our 3-point shooting is way off and that is the total difference on why we aren’t winning games. – Lee, Boca Raton.

A: I have mentioned several times that such is the case, including the comeback that fell short Monday in Atlanta. Part of it is systemic and rotational. In previous seasons, the Heat always had a spot-up or dribble-handoff 3-point specialist in the starting lineup, be it Duncan Robinson or Max Strus. That has not been the design this season. Plus, with Bam Adebayo shooting more, almost all from midrange or closer, it is not necessarily an offense designed to exploit 3-point shooting. And then there is the basically reality that Robinson and Gabe Vincent have had off seasons from the arc, with both dealing with injuries.

Q: Ira, do you have any inside information about Omer Yurtseven? if there’s one thing about the heat that bothers the Hell out of me it’s their lack of information about injuries. All anybody seems to know is that yes he had an operation and he’s recovering. At one point I read he might be weeks away and then you hear he might not play at all? Do you know what is actually happening? – Brent, Wellington.

A: What I know is what I’ve seen, and that is that he has discarded his scooter, has been wearing a temporary ankle-to-knee brace, again is walking and appears geared toward a return at some point this season. He has been working in that direction.



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