Gun control laws proposed in general assembly are misguided


Gun laws target the good guys

Re: “Colorado Democrats prepare ban on assault weapon sales,” Jan. 23 news story

Once again, we have a state legislative session with complete control by the Democrats. For the past few years, they’ve brought us laws upon laws restricting firearms and rules for ownership.

Now, for “public safety,” they again attack the Second Amendment and law-abiding citizens’ rights. In 2013, 2019, and 2021, they proposed and passed magazine capacity limits, mandatory background checks, red-flag laws, and locked gun laws. Miraculously, none of these laws stopped any of the few tragic public mass shootings (Boulder grocery, Colorado Springs Club Q), despite the opportunity to use them.

Why do they continue to attack law-abiding citizens instead of criminals? Why do we not see more harsh punishments for these crimes themselves or laws aimed at these crimes?

Have these legislators proposed increasing punishment for public mass shootings, or more severe punishment for using certain firearms in criminal acts, or stiffer sentences for stealing guns? These misguided proposals (hopefully) attempt to deter criminals — who, by definition, break laws — from obtaining certain “evil” firearms. It appears all these representatives take aim at those of us willing to follow laws.


As I said, years of attacking citizens’ rights, to no avail; if you believe their own claims (and Colorado crime statistics), violent crime has risen since these laws started piling up in 2013. It appears these laws have not worked.

It has been said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

I think it is time to ask our representatives to take aim at crime and punishment instead of endlessly drafting laws that attack law-abiding citizens’ rights.

Lance Touve, Longmont

A life dedicated to documenting and championing the environment

Re: “My Life’s Work — John Fielder hopes to inspire conservation and environmentalism,” Jan. 22 commentary

I read the article describing John Fielder’s dedication of his collection of Colorado photographs to the public. This is most generous of John, and I applaud him for doing this and you for publishing the article.


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