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Key highlights:

  • In a bid to create a deep liquidity order book for the GLEEC token, the decentralized digital ecosystem Gleec has partnered with multiple cryptocurrency platforms.
  • Gleec eyes better price discovery and further enhancement of its services following multiple integrations

Blockchain-based cryptocurrency firm Gleec is set to exclusively expand its ecosystem as the platform announces multiple partnerships with Changelly, Changelly Pro, and FMFW.

Gleec is a blockchain-based digital ecosystem that allows users to trade and store crypto assets while enjoying top-notch transparency, security, and a friendly user interface. Since its launch, Gleec has been on the move to further enhance its service to provide users with exclusive trading experience. 

Following plans to establish a high-volume order book for its native token, Gleec announced the Gleec coin is set to go live on six different top-rated crpyto exchanges. This includes Phemex, MEXC, Changelly,, Changelly Pro, and FMFW. 

According to the announcement, the massive partnership will see expanding the reach of its ecosystem to other notable cryptocurrency firms in the market. This way, investors can easily engage with the GLEEC crypto market through the incorporated exchanges.

Apparently, the listing of the GLEEC token will serve as a stepping stone to help the platform ensure a high-volume order book for the coin. Users of the Gleec coin now have access to easily buy, sell, and trade the coin at their convenience. 

The announcement further revealed that the coin is now officially available for trade on the Changelly exchange platform and Changelly Pro after the contract with the exchanges was signed on the 20th and 22nd of October, respectively.

Although the platform has planned to launch on, the event has not yet been confirmed. Nonetheless, the token listing on MEXC will happen on 29th October at 12.00 UTC. Also, the listing on the Phemex exchange has been scheduled to hold on the 9th of November at 9.00 UTC. 

Meanwhile, the deal will see the FMFW exchange launch the Gleec Coin on 26th October as its CEO, Danish Chaudhry, expressed delights on the proposed development, saying;

“We are excited to welcome a valuable project like Gleec, which has real utility and can positively impact the entire crypto ecosystem and make DeFi more accessible to everyone. Gleec’s mission aligns with our philosophy of aiming to make blockchain available across the world and over a wide range of industries.”

The ongoing listings suggest that Gleec is deploying possible measures to iterate a single central order book that is capable of improving liquidity for the GLEEC/BTC and GLEEC/USDT pairs. 

Furthermore, Gleec’s strategic partnership with renowned exchanges at a time like this, when the industry is struggling with price deficiencies, predicts tendencies for better price discovery while consolidating the crypto industry. The move will foster further exposure for the Gleec coin, connecting it to other markets and investors. 

The announcement also revealed that the development will offer Gleec Card users the opportunity to be able to top-up the Visa Debit Card with Gleec Coin.


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