Giants’ Xavier McKinney can’t say if season is over after surgery on ‘a couple fingers’ – The Denver Post


Giants safety Xavier McKinney broke “a couple fingers” in last week’s “freak accident” on a Can-Am off-road vehicle in Cabo, Mexico, and he had surgery on his left hand, he said Tuesday.

McKinney had his left arm in a sling and a hard, plastic cast covering most of his left hand.

Coach Brian Daboll and McKinney’s initial statement about the accident both described his injury as a “hand” injury, even though the safety said Tuesday that it’s just his fingers.

He could not say if he will be able to play again this season.

“No timeline on it,” he said.

McKinney said the accident happened last Wednesday. He insisted he wasn’t doing “anything reckless.”

“Kinda basically just flipped over — or not flipped over, but tilted over, fell on my hand,” he said. “That’s basically what happened.”

He added: “I didn’t fall off. Something where it just fell on my hand, or fell on my fingers, I should say … The thing didn’t flip over. It wasn’t an ATV. It was actually a Can-Am, which is a bigger version.”

He would not answer a question about whether he was driving the vehicle. He said no teammates were in the vehicle with him.

“It was a sight-seeing tour,” he repeated. “You don’t have to get it. I’m saying — do you hear what I’m saying? Do you hear what I’m telling you? Sight-seeing tour? Sight-seeing tour.”

Daniel Jones said McKinney “probably regrets” his decision to go riding and that the players “feel for him.”

McKinney said he apologized to the team and the good news is “I’ll be fine” long-term.

“I thank God that it wasn’t anything worse,” he said.

Daboll said he was “disappointed” and “I feel bad for Xavier.” The coach would not disclose any internal discipline. He said he found out about the injury “a few days ago,” even though the accident had happened last Wednesday.

Daboll said safety Julian Love will take over play-calling duties on defense.

McKinney said he went to the hospital in Cabo, then he got surgery when he returned to the New York area. He said he doesn’t know how long he’ll be in the cast.

The Giants placed him on the non-football injury list and technically could go after some of his money for the injury away from the field. McKinney said he wouldn’t blame them if they did.

“I wouldn’t be upset with it,” he said. “I take full responsibility [for] what’s going on. I’m an accountable person. For me I was just more upset that I wasn’t gonna be here for my team.”

The Giants’ safety depth is thin, led by special teamer Jason Pinnock and rookie Dane Belton, who has seen his snaps decrease in recent weeks. McKinney is out at least four games, but it sounded like much longer listening to him on Tuesday.

The Giants (6-2) host the Houston Texans (1-6-1) on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.



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