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GG Token - The Real Utility Token is Brought to The Crypto World

The crypto world is obviously facing difficult times. Thousands of projects that don’t bring any real value to the ecosystem are described by experts as being doomed to perish. At the same time, they emphasize that what’s needed the most now is credibility and projects that will pave the way to a better future. Is GGTKN an answer, solving real problems and providing a breath of fresh air?

The project looks intriguing already at first glance. While most of the projects out there seek funding to develop the product, the website of GGTKN clearly states that the funding is already secured and the token is already being introduced in numerous projects, while the development and implementation of further utilities continues, exceeding the plans from GGToken’s roadmap.

Do we really need another token?

What’s the purpose? GG Token’s creators have an interesting plan, making the project stand out from the crowd. GGTKN aims to give an alternative to mobile money and voucher systems for many unbanked around the world, especially the populations of Africa, Latin America, and Caribbean while educating them about blockchain technology.

While the average transaction cost for mobile money or voucher payments may reach up to 12%, GGTKN’s usage of BSC BEP20 blockchain allows to lower it below 1% while maintaining the speed of transaction of around 1-3 seconds. Legal issues are a pain for many projects, and that’s another point where GG Token shines, as the company informs that it has already gained numerous licenses from local governments, giving a total market coverage of around 2 billion potential users around the globe.

GGToken’s impressive utility list goes way further bringing a number of benefits for the users which include:

  • Instant deposits and withdrawals without any additional cost for the transfer.
  • Up to 80% discounts in e-commerce shops when buying digital and physical goods with GGTKN
  • In-house payment gateway operating in 20 countries already with worldwide expansion ahead, accepting cards, mobile money, e-wallets, and alternative payment methods.
  • More generous bonuses in casinos (deposit bonus, free spin bonuses, cashback bonuses).
  • Discounted prices on White Lotto network of lottery messengers – lifetime discount up to 80% on tickets when using GGTKN as a payment method.

GG Token has already acquired a number of partners who signed contracts to accept the token as a payment method and the list grows on almost on a daily basis. Here are a few noticeable ones. Established in 2015, is a worldwide range lottery messenger service, being powered by WhiteLotto, accepting players from +50 countries, and available in +40 languages.

A number of official lottery operators have also signed contracts to accept GGTKN:,, (Haiti), The company informs that the list will be much longer with more countries joining the project, including 3 Asian countries, 3 Middle East countries, and 10 Subsaharan countries. This clearly shows the potential of the project’s market reach.

The lack of stability is perfectly known in the crypto world. GGTKN’s whitepaper reveals interesting information about the solution of the issue. All of the participating projects commonly agreed to put the tokens back to the market for +10% price in comparison to the value when collecting. Besides, they have declared to always keep the exchange value on their systems at either 0.1$/GGTKN or the market value (whichever is higher at the moment of the transaction) and never sell the token back to the market for a price lower than 0.1$. Last, but not least, all of the projects will keep the ongoing bonuses and promotions for GGTKN users permanently.

Who’s behind the GG Token project?

GG Token is created in cooperation with GG International, a team widely known for their achievements in the lottery industry, with the history reaching nearly 20 years back when a vision of creating an online lottery ticket selling platform emerged and may be seen today at The platform’s success pushed the growing team to develop, which offers the possibility of running a platform like LottoPark in a white-label model and the network keeps constantly growing.

The whole development was done in-house from scratch with a unique technological approach, reducing the time required for setting up a fully functional platform from months to weeks.

The year 2017 is seen as another milestone for the company with the most ambitious project ever: a world game similar to Powerball or Eurojackpot with a common prize pool for all the countries participating in the GG World game. The company acquired its first licenses in Africa the same year.

GG World Lottery was launched in November 2019 and instantly become a hit on WhiteLotto network.

The game portfolio grew in time with the development of GG World Raffle, a game with the highest odds of winning the jackpot (1:100), and GG World Keno which has become one of the company’s bestsellers thanks to the draws taking place every 4 minutes and a possibility to win up to $1,000,000.

Being aware of the insufficient use of the online channel by the industry and objections to traditional lotteries, GG International has created a unique solution on a global scale, True Random Number Generator (TRNG). The solution works based on the natural randomness of the world and utilizes the principles of quantum physics. The system has successfully passed the tests at Gaming Laboratories International, a recognized authority in the gaming industry, and received certification for highly-regulated jurisdictions. GLI is a leader in gaming and lottery solution testing, trusted by regulators in 475 jurisdictions all over the world.

During the next years, the company has obtained numerous licenses for running official national online lotteries. The first one, Lotto Zambia was launched nearly instantly in 2019. The company’s strategy focuses on starting operations in particularly attractive emerging markets. Another national lottery, LottoNigeria was launched in 2020. LottoPeru and LottoHaiti have been launched in Q3 2021. LottoGuatemala is the next one being developed and will be launched in Q2 2022.

What will the future look like for GGTKN?

Minding the fact of real-life utility and the team’s experience, GG Token may become one of the projects that will bring back trust in the crypto-powered world. Securing the funding and numerous licenses allowing to operate globally also shouldn’t go unnoticed, further boosting the project’s appeal to the users. We have received an inside info that GG Token has already been used for conducting the 15,000 EUR worth payment for a new white-label by DogeBNB (BSC Scan transaction link) which goes live soon at GG Token is now listed on Coinstore and TokPie as GGTKN/USDT pair.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most interesting tokens you should follow in 2022.


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