George Paton created Broncos’ culture problems. Why does Greg Penner think he can fix them?


If your QB1’s passing touchdowns don’t add up to at least twice the number of bathrooms — Russell Wilson and his mansion are currently knotted up at 12 each — in said QB’s home, ya know what? You’re going to have culture problems.

You know who created those?

George Paton.

When you pursue a pass-rusher with a serious injury history, you sign him for $70 million anyway, he gets hurt again, then punches an opposing player during postgame handshakes on Christmas Day, ya know what? You’re going to have culture problems.

You know who signed Randy Gregory?

George Paton.

You know who brought back Melvin Gordon? You know who couldn’t stop gushing about Ronald Darby and Mike Boone? You know who handed Phillip Lindsay his walking papers?

You know who traded away Von Miller? You know who traded away Bradley Chubb? You know who gave Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick a combined $94.8 million in contract extensions? You know who gave Wilson a $245 million extension?

George Paton is the Frank Lloyd Wright of culture problems. The Broncos’ general manager is the Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe of football dysfunction. When Paton vowed to move Broncos Country out of mediocrity, 4-11 was not the neighborhood fans had in mind.

“As I told the players (Monday), I take full responsibility for where we are as a football team,” Paton said during a news conference Tuesday following the dismissal of coach Nathaniel Hackett after just 15 games. “I brought in the head coach. I brought in most of the players. Those are my decisions. And there’s no one to blame but me.”


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