Gas prices reach all-time high in Colorado at $4.91 a gallon


In Colorado, a gallon of gas is $1.61 more than it was a year ago. The average price of gasoline in the state increased 78 cents over the last month, setting an all-time high record Monday, according to AAA.

A month ago, gas was about $4.13 per gallon in Colorado. A week ago, it was $4.87 a gallon, Sunday it was $4.90 a gallon, and today, it is at $4.91. 

Diesel prices also set a new record high when it hit $5.53 on Sunday, according to AAA. .

Nationally, however, the average price for gasoline dropped by about 4.2 cents a gallon, averaging $4.97 a gallon today.

“For the first time in nine weeks, gasoline prices have fallen, following a broad sell-off in oil markets last week, pushing the national average back under the $5 level with most states seeing relief at the pump,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, in a press release.

Although the dip in nationwide gas prices was minimal, De Haan said he was hopeful that the increase in price may slow.


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