Friendship breakup receives a poor grade


Dear Amy: I recently ended an emotionally abusive relationship with my best friend of one year. We met when we were both very lonely. We are in a challenging graduate program together.

Our friendship progressed rapidly but turned toxic.

She has high emotional needs, and I started to feel more like her therapist than her friend. I encouraged her to seek therapy, and she became incredibly angry.

Over time, she became increasingly controlling, and I decided to end our friendship.

I debated about how to end things and ultimately decided to write a letter (1) because I thought I could better convey my feelings, and (2) she often twists other people’s words in conversation.

I dropped the letter off in her mailbox weeks ago, and we have not spoken since. Our final exams start next week.

I have had friends tell me that she only read the letter this week and is upset that I “decided to do this right before finals.”

I think some of these friends believe her and think I’m in the wrong.

I just want this part of my life to be over, but now I feel guilty about how this played out.

Was I responsible for making sure she read the letter? How do I finally get her out of my head for good?

— Cutting Ties


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