Friends split over husband’s dangerous behavior


Dear Amy: My wife became friends with “Barb,” after Barb and her husband “Jim” moved to our remote community a few years ago.

We spent a lot of time with Barb and Jim.

As we got to know them, it became apparent that Jim is a chronically unemployed habitual liar, a hoarder, a constant weed smoker, and regular drug user. Barb complained about his abuse.

I tolerated Jim so we could be friends with Barb. Barb told us that many of their other friends do the same.

Jim told me that he stalked his wife one night and that he parked outside our house, looking for her.

While the couple fed our pets when we were on vacation, Jim changed the landscaping and décor in our backyard, and they had a party at our house while we were away. We learned about this when we returned home.

My wife and I were relieved when Barb filed for divorce and got a restraining order.

Jim’s best friend warned me one night that my wife and I “might want to get a hotel for the night” because Jim was mad at us over our loyalty to Barb.

My wife and I were terrified, and have since improved our security. We want absolutely nothing to do with Jim ever again.

We supported Barb in her early separation period, and spent time with her.

Now, Barb has taken Jim back and has put the divorce on hold.


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