Friend worries about depressed man’s fears


Dear Amy: My 76-year-old friend is afraid of suffering from a devastating disease. At this point in his life, he seems pretty healthy.

We live in different states, so we converse via Zoom.

His wife died 10 years ago, so he lives alone and has very few friends.

He is an angry, complicated man who smokes pot every day and vents his negativity on Instagram.

He and his wife were going through a divorce because of his negativity and pot use when she died suddenly in a car accident. His grief was brief.

Recently, he told me that he purchased two lethal pills of Fentanyl in case he gets dementia or another painful illness.

He has sworn me to secrecy.

He is very matter of fact about the whole situation, but I feel very odd about knowing that he left me with this information.

I told him that I felt uneasy about it and he laughed.

Because he is not actively suicidal, I cannot call authorities.

I have considered calling his brother who lives near me, but I don’t want to start drama in his family.


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