Foster parent receives no support from brother – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: I am a foster parent. I’m happily single, in my 40s, and my parents recently moved nearby.

While they are supportive of my decision, my brother has been vocal in his lack of support.

He has written me emails expressing “concern” that my foster daughter will infect my parents with COVID due to her young age (3) and the fact that she is not yet vaccinated.

He wrote me an email suggesting that I return her to the agency due to her behaviors, stating that I was putting someone else’s child before our own parents.

I ignored these emails, as they did not warrant a response.

I sought out therapy due to his berating me (which has occurred throughout my entire life).

I am in a healthier place and my foster daughter’s behaviors have simmered down after an adjustment period.

Fortunately, my brother and his family live nine hours away.

However, our parents seem eager for them to visit the new home and spend holidays together.

I have never complained about their closeness to my brother. After all, he is their son. Even so, I do not feel comfortable pretending that everything is fine between my brother and me.

Even though they moved to be near me, they always seem to take his side. My mother constantly makes comments about how she wishes the two of us were closer.


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