Forget Jon Gruden, USF needs to hire Scott Frost


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Forget about the ridiculous rumors you’re hearing about USF hiring disgraced NFL coach Jon Gruden to lead its program. There should be only one primary candidate on athletic director Michael Kelly’s list:

Scott Frost.

I don’t know if Frost is even interested in the job or if he wants to sit out for a year and live on the $15 million contract buyout he just received after being fired by Nebraska, but if Kelly is smart (and he is), he will most certainly gauge Frost’s interest.

It’s hard to explain why Frost failed so miserably at Nebraska, but I know what type of coach he was at UCF. He was driven, he was focused, he was exciting, he was charismatic and his offense was electrifying. He inherited an 0-12 program and two years later the Knights were 13-0.

In fact, the resurgence of the program under Frost is much of the reason UCF will be joining the Big 12 next season.

And if you ask me, Frost and USF are in desperate need of each other. Frost needs to resuscitate his coaching career and USF needs to revive its dying program.

Frost obviously has recruiting connections in Florida — as does the entire UCF staff he took with him to Nebraska. If anybody can resurrect the moribund USF program that was 4-26 under just-fired head coach Jeff Scott, it is Frost.

The rumblings you are hearing about USF targeting Gruden are nothing short of laughable. I get that Gruden is a big name who is a longtime Tampa resident, but he hasn’t coached at the college level in more than 30 years.

Furthermore, how could USF possibly hire Gruden after he was run out of the NFL for racist, homophobic, misogynistic emails that surfaced while he was coaching the Las Vegas Raiders?

Don’t forget that USF plays its home games at Raymond James Stadium, where Gruden’s name was erased from the upper-deck facade and expunged from the Bucs’ Ring of Honor after his disgusting emails surfaced.

It would be absolutely shocking if USF hired Gruden, especially when there are much better and younger candidates without the enormous amount of baggage Gruden would bring.

Kelly says he plans on hiring a new coach sometime in early December before the transfer portal opens.

What a perfect time — right before the holidays — to bring Frosty the Showman back to Florida, where he never should have left in the first place. …

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