For more delicious beans, just add mussels – The Denver Post


By Melissa Clark, The New York Times

The best thing about a meal of steamed mussels is the sauce left at the bottom of the bowl. Yes, I adore the bivalves themselves — those sweet, saline nuggets plucked out of their blue-black shells. (Pro-tip: use an empty pair of shells like tongs to pluck out the meat.) But it’s their sauce — suffused with garlic, wine, and parsley — that makes me swoon, whether sipped from a spoon or sopped up with bread or crispy, golden frites if you’re very lucky.

In this speedy mussels recipe, I offer yet another way to savor that sauce: steeped into velvety white beans.

Making it is dead simple. First, the beans (canned, or if you plan ahead, cooked from scratch) are briefly braised with olive oil, garlic and chile flakes. At this point, they are tender and thoroughly delicious and would make a fine, quick meal on their own. But adding a couple of pounds of mussels to the pot makes them even tastier.


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