Follow these steps to get rid of the cigarette smell from your hands, breath, house and hair (2022)


Cigarette smell lasts a long and is considered bad for our health. Whether you smoke cigarettes or meet with someone who smokes cigarettes on a regular basis, the smell of cigarettes tends to remain on your clothes, hair, breath and even on your hands.

This gets irritating as the smell of the cigarette might seem negligible to you because you smoke cigarettes on a regular basis, but becomes extremely smelly for someone who does not smoke. 

There are generally three types of smoking that you should be aware of if you are trying to remove the smell of cigarettes. 

Firsthand smoking – This is the type of smoking in which you consume the smoke directly from the tobacco product. This is also known as active smoking as it’s you who’s responsible for this type of smoking and the harmful effects caused by it. This type of smoking can lead to cancer, breathing problems, aging of the skin, heart diseases and other types of infections.

Secondhand smoking – Secondhand smoking also known as passive smoking is caused when you do not smoke, but are regularly exposed to an environment in your home or work where people smokes. Exposure to secondhand smoke can lead to coronary heart disease, stroke, premature deaths and even cardiovascular infections. 

Thirdhand smoking – The contaminants that collect indoors, on your clothes, hair, or even skin when tobacco is smoked is known as thirdhand smoke. In addition to cancer-causing agents like formaldehyde and naphthalene, third-hand smoke contains nicotine. Getting exposed to thirdhand smoke on a regular basis can lead to damage to DNA, lung cancer and other chronic diseases. 

So smoking cigarettes should be banned by you especially when you are already aware of its side effects. Nicotine present in cigarettes can damage your lungs, arteries, heart, hair and increases your blood pressure almost instantly. So, if you want a healthy lifestyle ahead immediately stop smoking and even stop indulging with people who smoke on a regular basis. 

Coming back to the point, if you are a regular smoker then the smell won’t seem bad to you because are already accustomed to it. But if you are experiencing secondhand or thirdhand smoke on a regular basis, these steps will help you to get rid of the bad smell of cigarettes almost immediately. 

How does cigarette smoke gets absorbed into your body?

The smoke from cigarettes gets absorbed into your body very easily. If you are an active smoker, the smoke easily gets into your lungs. The smoke released while smoking also tends to deposit a carcinogenic residue on your hair as well as your clothes. Moreover, if you smoke regularly you will definitely acquire bad breath (smell of the cigarette smoke). The smoke of the cigarette also makes your hands more precisely your nails smell. 

Even if you are a non-smoker, you will still acquire the smell of cigarettes as you are in regular contact with smokers. Although you can never develop bad breath unless you kiss a smoker, due to firsthand and second smoking the residue might get deposited on your skin, hair or even clothes.

So, how do you remove this smell?

Here are some ways by which you can easily remove the smoky smell of cigarettes almost immediately from your room, hair, skin or even mouth. 

Ways to remove cigarette smell

how to remove cigarette smell

4 Ways to remove cigarette smell from your hands 

1. Washing your hands thoroughly 

Make sure to wash your hands properly with a bar of hand soap immediately after smoking. Adding a tablespoon of baking soda to completely the smell from your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly under warm water. 

2. Use hand sanitizer 

Hand sanitizers are available in almost every shop, especially after the pandemic. So it is wise to always carry a hand sanitizer in your pocket. Make sure to use hand sanitizer right after smoking to remove the smell of the cigarette. Some hand sanitizers also contain artificial fragrances, so this will further help you to remove the smell from your hands.

3. Take a quick bath 

If you have smoked quite a lot of cigarettes in that particular, the smell tends to linger all over your body and becomes very hard to get rid of. It is wise to take a quick bath under such circumstances. Always use soap while bathing as this will make you feel refreshed and will remove the smoky smell of the cigarette from your hands as well as your body. 

4. Use perfume 

If you are a chain smoker or an active smoker, it is recommended to carry a small bottle of perfume. While getting back home after smoking, apply this perfume to replace the smoky smell with the perfume smell. 

3 Ways to remove cigarette smell from your breath

1. Brush your teeth immediately 

If you are an active smoker it is recommended to brush your teeth twice with proper toothpaste regularly. This will help you to remove the odor caused by the smoke of the cigarette. If your breath is smelling way too much, you can brush almost immediately to remove the odor from your mouth. 

2. Use mouthwash 

Mouthwashes are mandatory if you have a non-smoker partner who does not like the smell of cigarettes. Just wash your mouth properly with mouthwash for 2-3 minutes and you are ready for your date. 

3. Gums and breath mints

Several gums, breath mints and spraymints are available in the market which help in removing this bad smell from your mouth. Chewing these gums not only makes your mouth feel refreshed but also removes the bad odor completely. 

2 Ways to remove cigarette smell from your hair 

1. Shampooing 

Hair is very absorbent in nature and not only absorbs the smoke of the cigarette but also all of its harmful ingredients. A layer of dirt and smoke form on your hair, which you can’t witness with your visible eyes. Under such conditions, it is always recommended to wash your hair properly with shampoo. This will immediately help you to remove the smell and the pollutants from your hair. If you have a tendency of catching colds way too often, you can definitely use dry shampoo instead of the normal ones.

2. Hair perfume or hair fragrances 

Hair perfumes and hair fragrances are not so common but when are exposed to thirdhand and passive smoking on a regular basis, you should definitely buy one. Hair perfumes not only mask the smoky smell of the cigarette but also promotes fizz. So it’s very handy in such situations. 

2 Ways to remove cigarette smell from your clothing 

1. Wash your clothes properly 

Washing your clothing is the most efficient method for eliminating the smell of cigarette smoke that may be lingering on it. On the other hand, it is possible that washing with baking soda in addition to detergent will produce better results. If the smell is not removed after the first wash, repeat the soaking and rinsing process as many times as necessary.

2. Use dryer sheets 

Utilizing dryer sheets or air fresheners designed specifically for fabrics are two other options for covering up odors on garments. Each article of clothing, including hats, scarves, gloves, and shoes, should be treated with the dryer sheet or sprayed with an air freshener.

Ways to remove cigarette smell from your room

If you had a party in your house recently you might want to remove the cigarette smell almost immediately before your parents come back home. Here are some ways to remove the smell from the room of your house. Here are some efficient ways to remove the cigarette smell from the room of your house. 

  1. Turn on your fans immediately to allow proper circulation of the air.
  2. Open your windows and doors to ventilate the smoke. 
  3. Spray a room freshener or air purifier as soon as you’re done with your smoking or partying.
  4. Baking soda can be used to absorb odors from a variety of surfaces, including flooring, floors, and furniture.
  5. If you have ample time, make sure to wash any fabric items in your house. Washing them with soap and water will remove the bad smell of cigarettes. 
  6. Keeping open charcoal containers in your house also helps in masking the smell.


As mentioned previously, be it active smoking or passive smoking, both are extremely dangerous for your health and should be avoided in any circumstances. The smell of cigarettes is really unpleasant for someone who’s a non-smoker. So if you are trying to quit smoking gradually and don’t want anyone to be annoyed by the smoky smell lingering all over your body, make sure to follow the steps. It is always recommended to stop smoking with the help of a healthcare professional. 


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