Fertile boyfriend tries to elude DNA – The Denver Post


Dear Amy: I have been with my live-in boyfriend, “Gene,” for over three years.

He has two children, and I have three.

The issue I’m wrestling with is that he recently found out that he has a 5-year-old child.

When we met, he told me he had already established that the child wasn’t his, via his mom taking a DNA test, which showed that this baby had no DNA connection to his family.

Well, surprise … the child IS his.

Now I feel betrayed and duped.

I wouldn’t have been with him had I known about this third child (by three different women).

I am in love with him, and the best way I can describe this emotion is to say that to me, it’s the equivalent to being cheated on.

He doesn’t understand why I have such strong feelings about this situation.

He said I am supposed to support him.

I’m not sure how I can do that when I feel second-rate to three women who have his children, and yet I don’t have a child with him. He has told me he has no desire for marriage.


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