Family witness to underage imbibing wants to tell


Dear Amy: This summer I attended a large family celebratory gathering.

There were several teenage boys in attendance, along with younger girls.

During this gathering I witnessed these young men (under legal age) openly smoking marijuana in front of the parents and guests — both young and old.

Their parents were the hosts of the party.

That’s not all. There was a bar set up for the adults.

A person at the party witnessed a young girl, not yet a teen, drinking alcohol. When it was brought to the attention of the parents, they did not object!

These young brains are at risk, yet I feel hopeless to do anything about it in fear of being ostracized by the very people I love.

I don’t want anyone to get it trouble with the law, but should I say something?

— What To Do?

Dear What to Do?: You witnessed unhealthy and potentially dangerous behavior on the part of underage people at a private event (presumably on private property) and with their parents’ knowledge.

Laws vary from state to state regarding the illegality of underage people consuming alcohol and pot while on private property and with their parents’ permission. A number of states do allow this, and while you might not agree with this legislation or certainly the questionable parenting being demonstrated — you are not obliged to intervene.


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