Eye popping hot tub hopping in the offing


Dear Amy: My husband and I are having a hot tub delivered soon.

We plan to use it during daylight hours without wearing swimwear.

Yes, nude! Yes, we have neighbors, about 40 feet away, who could see us if they choose to — in the tub or hopping from our patio door 20 feet to the tub.

We’re not shy and don’t plan to cover up. And no, we’re not going to “exhibit” ourselves.

We just want to enjoy our tub in our birthday suits.

Some non-neighbor friends are appalled.

Your thoughts?

— Bare as God Intended, EH

Dear Bare: You will be romping only on your own property, and I can’t imagine that your nudity would be breaking any laws (you should check your local statutes).

However, are you perhaps reveling in the prospect of alarming your neighbors? Just a little bit?

And yes — of course — despite what you claim, you do seem to be planning to “exhibit” yourselves.


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