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The new year is about two months and some days away, but the anticipation has been high. Many see it as a year of recovery and profitability, and most crypto market players have switched their focus on getting it right in the coming year.

Amidst the several preparations and heightened anticipation, overlooking some crypto assets could make your efforts seem futile.

Ethereum (ETH) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are topmost on the list of altcoins you shouldn’t overlook going into 2023. Below, we consider their possibility of making an excellent run.

Ethereum Has A Ethereal Market Cap Of $150+ Billion!

Ether (ETH) remains the greatest altcoin in the coin market. It is the native token of the Ethereum network, which hosts several crypto assets and powers numerous DApps. The open-source network has immensely contributed to the growth of the digital economy, enabling developers to earn online. 

Ethereum remains one of the leading projects ensuring users can benefit from the Pros of DeFi. The Ethereum merger a few weeks back is one of the trading year’s highlights. It indicates the network’s commitment to growth and serving users better by ensuring low gas fees and higher throughput.

The leading smart contract platform boasts the highest market capitalization after Bitcoin (BTC), which is over $150 billion. Ether (ETH) had an impressive 2021, making progressive runs that saw it reach a new all-time high. Although the bear market effect and the unfavourable market condition have seen it decrease in price by over 50%, it’s on course for another great run in the coming year.

Big Eyes Coin Reaches $10,000,000 In Presale 

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is one of the most anticipated new crypto projects to launch on major exchanges in the coming months. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has gathered lots of hype and buzz, to the delight of many crypto enthusiasts. The cat-theme meme coin is tipped to break. doge-community dominance in the meme space, inspiring the advent of more cat-theme meme coins.

Big Eyes (BIG) will redefine what meme coins are. Beyond mere laughs, the crypto asset boasts real utilities that benefit users and the world’s ecosystem. Project developers are committed to ensuring the project has a competitive advantage over others by positioning it for market success from its presale.

The project will feature valuable NFTs collections that will grant users access to events, content, and resources in the Big Eyes (BIG) ecosystem. Holders will also be able to trade it to earn money. The NFTs have been projected to increase in value and rank amongst the top 10 NFTs in the major NFTs marketplace.

Big Eyes (BIG) is enjoying an impressive presale run. It’s currently at its sixth presale stage and has gathered over $10 million. Early holders will be hoping the Ethereum-built crypto project can continue its run when it launches. By all indications, Big Eyes (BIG) looks capable of continuing its progressive run. Thus, it’s advisable not to overlook it.

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