Estrangement from family is hard to describe


Dear Amy: I no longer communicate with my remaining immediate family members. Honestly, it’s a relief.

My family is significantly dysfunctional. One of my therapists (I’ve had several over the years) said that my family was the worst she knew from any of her patients. Some things that happened in our home would have qualified for child services intervention — if anyone had known.

My mother is truly a monster who hides behind a socially acceptable exterior.

Neither my sister nor I qualify as monsters, but we were never close.

I find her garbage-stuffed hoarder house and the way she mocks others disgusting.

She probably finds me to be a judgmental, imperious jerk. (I wouldn’t blame her.)

Several months ago, my partner witnessed a horrible scene involving my mother and her husband’s vicious behavior.

My partner said he’d heard and witnessed quite a lot over the years, but he’s at the point where he can’t be in their presence any longer.

He’s a calm and patient person. I knew he was done.

After the episode, my sister (who wasn’t present) stopped responding to my attempts to contact her.

I decided to have nothing more to do with any of them.


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