Estrangement doubles down on divorce


Dear Amy: My wife’s nephew “Chris” is going through a divorce.

Chris and his wife “Jan” have two children.

Jan has always had a positive relationship with our family.

Their divorce has been a cordial parting of ways, but my wife’s family now wishes to ghost Jan.

I feel bad ghosting Jan, but I risk alienating my wife and her family by being cordial.

I feel like calling her to express my sadness that I can’t talk to her, and that I hope she understands, but even that would seem risky.

I don’t think being estranged for no good reason is healthy, and I feel bad about it.

Common sense tells me to stay out of it, but can you say something that will make me feel not so bad about it?

— Middled

Dear Middled: Unfortunately, I can’t help you to feel better about your wife’s clan’s choice to deliberately initiate an estrangement.

If they succeed, “Chris’” children will be forced to continually split their time and attention, not only between their two parents, but now extending into other generations.


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